🔴 Exceptional fire in Josef Weishaupt’s stable


On Monday, a fire started in a straw shed belonging to Josef Weishaupt, the father of German team driver Philipp Weishaupt. The fire quickly spread to other buildings, including a storage shed and an old shed. 255 firefighters were deployed to control the fire. One of them was seriously injured in an explosion. By Savannah Pieters Thanks to the efforts of the firefighters, no other person or horse was injured. The cause of the fire is not yet clear, but a straw bale is believed to have ignited by itself. Damages of approximately one million euros are assumed. Weishaupt family The complex is owned by Josef Weishaupt and his partner Linda Carmagnani. Maximillian, Weishaupt’s second son, also an international show jumper, also runs his company from that location. Severe burns The injured firefighter suffered severe burns and was taken to a hospital in a trauma helicopter. Source: Reiter Revue


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