Daniel Bluman and Sancha LS claim $205’000 NetJets Grand Prix in Wellington.



Forty four entries lined up for Sunday’s $205’000 NetJets Grand Prix  on the Derby Field in Wellington with nine rider and horse’s pairs qualifying for the jump off as they cleared Anderson Lima’s designed course.
As sixth to go, Margie Engle and her long time partner, 18 years old Indigo (Indoctro) set the time to beat in 44’30 to eventually finish 3rd when her team mate Beezie Madden and Con Taggio (Contagio) who jumped his first ever Grand Prix this week, stopped the clock in 43’48 to take the lead but it would be Israel’s Daniel Bluman and his Olympic mount Sancha LS (Chin Chin) who would rise to the occasion to claim the win as they crossed the timers 0’10 tenths ahead.