They are everywhere, on the street, in advertisements, on your social networks, in the media ... "Impossible is nothing", "the limit is heaven", "when there is a desire, everything is possible". Motivational phrases coined in an office by advertisers; people who in many cases the closest thing to the sport they do daily is to go to the coffee machine or survive a marathon meeting. Phrases that are the raw material of work of the self-styled ‘coachs’, individuals who in many cases have earned that status after a simple course, but with very little in their lives to support those values ​​and be able to inspire you with something. The slightest. Memes shared by the Sunday brother-in-law who goes out for three hours on a bike, spends one having breakfast and then gives you self-improvement and self-development lessons. Cut and paste tweets for easy "likes".
The message is attractive, I admit it. If you believe in it you are capable of anything, there is nothing impossible. Who wouldn't pay for that? For achieving everything you dream of? There is only one problem: it is a lie. It is a lie because all this cheap and easy verbiage is simply the tip of the iceberg. The trick of a magician who enthralls and excites you, but does not show you what is behind, which makes the final result possible. And yes, I think that people are capable of achieving things that at one point seemed impossible to us. But believing is not the cause of it, it is the consequence. It is not worth just believing. Believing for believing, with nothing to back it up, is a utopia. It is a dream. And this society of ephemeral and imposted values ​​sells you dreams, but avoid explaining how to get them. Because that does not sell, because the road is gray, hard and difficult, and because today we want everything easy, cheap and fast.
And I am sorry to tell you, but to achieve certain things you must first have qualities. They can be genetic or worked from a very young age, but they must be. Without them, reaching certain sites is simply impossible. And yes, qualities are not everything: then you have to sacrifice, train and strive every day. Every great champion has innate conditions, but behind his success there are hours and hours of dedication, of sacrifices that 99.9% of the population would not be willing to make. "If I do the same things as the others, I will never beat them." It is a simple and obvious phrase, easy to say, but difficult to apply. It represents four or five hours of daily training, be it cold, rain, hail, be it day or night, whether you are tired or not ... Hours and hours of gray and silent work. This is what is behind every great athlete. And of any achievement.
And it is that thus, only thus, with qualities, sacrifice and perseverance, it is possible to believe in impossible. So yes we can get to do things that once seemed like a dream. And I think that in life you have to dream and aspire to great challenges, but you also have to be clear about the path to achieve them. And they may constantly sell you the shortcut, the nice and easy way ... but if it doesn't cost, if it doesn't require you, it's worthless. And no, sorry, not everything is possible. That does not mean that you cannot achieve things that seem impossible to you right now.


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