King Niels does it again!



In Waregem a busy international weekend has just ended with the highlight everyone was waiting for: the CSI5* Grand Prix. 42 combinations entered the show ring for this class and it became a true thriller. At first, it seemed like the ‘underdog’ riders were going to rule the show and the Belgian audience was craving for a Belgian combination in the jump-off. That first Belgian jump-off rider came when Jérôme Guery entered the show ring with Garfield. Guery jumped a beautiful clear round and assured the audience of at least one Belgian rider in the jump-off. Olivier Philippaerts and Pieter Devos seemed to be going to do the same, but both riders kicked the last fence down. Nicola Philippaerts and Niels Bruynseels however did jump clear first round and joined Guery in the jump-off. Amongst the riders starting in the jump-off were last night’s winner Derin Demirsoy, Denis Lynch and Scott Brash so it promised to be an exciting end of the weekend!

The first rider entering the show ring was Derin Demirsoy. The only 24 year old who saddled Harry K (f. Equest Carnute) for the occasion, had one clear goal: repeating his win from last night. It seemed like Demirsoy was going to jump a clear round but Harry K hit two fences, resulting in 8 penalties. Demirsoy crossed the finish line after 41,72 seconds. One of the surprises of today: Victor Mariano Luminatti came in next. He and Homer vd Barlebuis (f. Andiamo) took less risks than Demirsoy, but couldn’t keep the zero on the score board either. He got one penalty for jumping and finished in 44,29 seconds. Julien Epaillard didn’t ride a clear round either, he and Usual Suspect d’Auge (f. Jarnac) got one penalty for jumping as well, but they did ride the fastest time so far: 39,51 seconds.

Denis Lynch was the first rider to jump a clear jump-off. He and The Sinner (f. Sanvaro) finished in 45,22 seconds, putting some more pressure on the combinations to come. The Polish rider Jaroslaw Skrzyczynski clearly wasn’t impressed: he and his OS mare Chacclana (f. Chacco-Blue) kept the zero as well and managed to go even faster. His time? 41,72 seconds.

After that it was up to Jérôme Guery. He and Garfield de Tiji des Templier (f. Quasimodo Z) immediately went fast as lightening to give the audience of Waregem their dream victory, but unfortunately they hit one fence as well. Guery however did prove that it was possible to ride even faster then the Polish rider, by riding to the finish line in 40,46 seconds. The same thing happened Scott Brash and Hello Shelby (f. Stolzenberg). They rode a super fast time and finished in 40,93 seconds.

If there’s one thing you don’t have to teach Simon Delestre, it’s riding fast. He already saw Guery and Scott, knowing it was possible to ride faster and so he did. Delestre and Chesall Zimequest (f. Casall) kept the zero on the scoreboard and finished in 40,57 seconds more than fast enough to beat the time of Skrzyczynski.

The last two riders to enter the show ring, were two Belgian riders. Nicola Phillipaerts went super fast with H&M Harley vd Bisschop (f. Dulf vd Bisschop) but the BWP gelding hit two fences. He would cross the finish line with eight penalties.

It seemed like Delestre would take home the victory, but then Niels Bruynseels came… Bruysneels who has had a very successful season already, did what the Belgian crowd expected. He took all the risks and… succeeded… He and Lady Cracotte (f. Quaprice) crossed the finish line in 39,85 second and left the wood untouched.

Niels Bruyneels wins, Delestre second and Skrzyczynski on third place!