Nicolas Delmotte and the Haras de Clarbec, stop their partnership.

Vendredi 06 Juillet 2018;Paris Eiffel Jumping;LONGINES PARIS EIFFEL JUMPING - Longines Eiffel Challenge;SCOOPDYGA - COSTABADIE Pierre - Nicolas Delmotte riding Urano de Cartigny competes in the Longines Eiffel Challenge at Champ de Mars on July 6, 2018 in Paris, France. (Photo by Pierre Costabadie/Icon Sport)


Nicolas Delmotte, rider of three horse owned by the Haras de Clarbec, former sponsor of Penelope Leprevost, han announced that they have put an end to their partnership.
Urano de Cartigny, Vagabond de la Pomme and Flora de Mariposa’s duaghter Ilena de Mariposa, will be back in their stables in Normandie where they will most probably compete uner Felicie Bertrand’s saddle.