The impressions of …

Eden Leprevost Blin Lebreton (FRA) following his victory in the CSI2 * 1.40m
This victory is certainly the most beautiful of my young career. To win here, while the elite is present, and in front of my mother: it's extraordinary! Before entering the track, I had warned my mother that I had a double objective: to win the race and to be in front of her: double objective achieved! My mother is a serious competitor and when I'm on the track, I don't think too much about what she represents, her record, etc. She’s a competitor! (laughs) These weeks at the Hubside Jumping, I took the opportunity to take everything that was good to take in terms of learning. And I feel that I have come a long way: the stage is so stimulating. I’ve been trying to win for four weeks and finally here’s a win! I have often finished in the top six with three different horses, so this victory is really great. By tomorrow evening, I will run my second Grand Prix in 2 *: cross our fingers!
The impressions of ... Pénélope Leprévost
I admit that if I had passed after Eden in the dam, I would have given myself more (laughs). It’s usually the reverse here, since the start of the competition: Eden is in the lead and I’m doing my best to beat her. But today it was the other way around. I know her well, I knew that by leaving after me, she would give her all. And it was great! What she is currently experiencing is a dream, she must be aware of it. Everything works for her, everything works for her. Between the first week of Hubside Jumping and today, it has grown so much. She dominates her subject perfectly now. A test out of 140 is now a formality whereas in the first week, I was not sure to let it start on this height (laughs).


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